Monday, November 24, 2008

Prayers Needed

Isn't it interesting how just when we get really down on ourselves and our problems, the Lord has a way of putting things in perspective? My dear friend Lana just found out her 8 year old daughter has leukemia. It sure makes me grateful for the health of my children but my heart breaks for her family. Why do some people seem to be given more than they need to handle? The Lord must know how strong she is and her family also. Please remember them and their sweet Emma in your prayers. It is going to be a long road ahead for them, I pray for added strength and comfort for their family.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Las Vegas

These are just some more views of the Halloween display that didn't fit on my last post!
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Las Vegas Getaway

Jeff and I just got back from a conference in Las Vegas. It was a great little break from real life. The Blue Man Group had a great show, a little slow at times but overall very entertaining!

It is hard to believe that with a city this beautiful, it is so scummy at the same time. Just cover your eyes, plug your ears and nose and you'll be just fine!

Some of the sights weren't all bad, I have nothing bad to say about this chocolate fountain inside the Bellagio. The Halloween display below was also INSIDE the Bellagio. It is amazing what these resorts do to bring in the tourists! And thanks Julie! We couldn't have done this without you!!!

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Steph's belated birthday!

So about a week after Steph's real birthday, all "the girls" (minus Sarah and Marianne), took Steph to lunch. It is always a good time and a good laugh with these women. And Emily, I know you have 6 children but get off the phone and join the party! ha ha
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