Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break??????

Okay, isn't Spring supposed to involve, flowers, mild weather and sunshine? Well, not this Spring!!! We spent spring break in Burley with our great friends (like family) there. The kids were missing their friends, especially Kaden. It was great to be with all of them just like old times but the weather, come on, rain, snow, wind!!! This winter is going to kill me! I didn't take many pictures of our vacation but my friend Stephanie did so check out my extraordinary housewives link to see the party. To top it all off, it is snowing and blizzarding AGAIN here in Idaho Falls. I guess it is a definite hot chocolate and cookie day, anyone want to join in?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My 37th Birthday!!!!

I can't believe I am such a loser....I forgot my camera today to take pictures of my birthday and now it is over and all I have are the great memories and no photos!!!! It started out with sleeping in until 9:00, breakfast in bed, easter egg hunt with the kids then they refilled the eggs and hid them for Jeff and I. Then Jeff and I went shopping for the afternoon and met some great friends for dinner (Roman & Julie Grigg, Steve & Devanie Denison). Great food and fun, then came back to our house and played games (Grigg's couldn't stay but our good friends the Nadauld's came with their kids). We played Sequence and then Settler's of Catan, Adam isn't the birthday girl supposed to win, even if much cheating is involved???? All in all a great day with family, friends and food. What could be better....maybe if it was only my 25th birthday!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thanks for FINALLY coming to visit!!

So Steph and Sarah finally came to visit me in I.F. We had a lot of laughs, good salads, fun shopping and just a great time being together. I miss you guys! You have to admit that it is great to have shopping so close though, and that stores actually stay open till 10:00 here. Sorry about making you drink pop Steph, I hope you're feeling better, ha ha!!! I didn't get any sleep last night just thinking about all those great extraordinary housewives up in Burley. I sure miss you all! Hey Julie, thanks for joining in for a few minutes, you're awesome!
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Thursday, March 13, 2008


Okay, so I really don't mean to complain but ....yesterday the roads were bare and we could see quite a bit of grass. Today this is what we wake up to!!!! It is the middle of March, not January!!! Now at 11:30 the snow is coming down even harder..I'm expecting about 4-6 inches out of this. I hear Burley just has rain.....I'm coming back!!
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Kenzie's dance team

This is a photo (actually a movie) of Kenzie's last 1/2 time performance at school with the dance team. She is the one in the middle if you can't tell. She is doing great and really making some good friends on the team. They have 18 dancers but they were really short this performance and only had 8. It was the first time they performed this dance and it still needed some polishing but Kenzie did great! I am so proud of her coming out of her shell like this and doing something that she really loves but is hard for her. Way to go Kenz, you rock!
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The never ending story!

I can't believe there is this much laundry after ONLY 3 days!!!! I just did laundry on Sunday (I know, but Jeff needs clean clothes before he leaves Monday morning) and this is my Wednesday laundry! The wildest thing is that it almost all belongs to the kids! Jeff calls this "job security". I totally agree, how does anyone work outside the home and still keep up!!!?
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Can we EVER all be well at the same time?!

So it seems like this has been the WORST winter in our family for different illnesses. The funny thing is, Kaden is the one who usually gets the worst of everything because of his asthma but not this winter....Kenzie has been sick all winter it seems like. They have both had strep, 2 different stomach viruses and multiple colds. I wish they would just close the schools for a week and let everyone get better, they just keep passing stuff around. Conner has actually been the most healthy this year. I guess it has been a good thing for Jeff to be working away from home so that he hasn't gotten all the crud we've had. He just can't afford to be sick this time of year. Here's to hoping the snow melts soon and we can really have SPRING!!!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Weather in Idaho Falls

Okay so I know it really isn't offically Spring yet but come on!!! The weather man has been predicting 40's all week and we haven't even been able to climb above FREEZING! The weather has got to change pretty soon right? We won't really have snow until July will we???!!!! At least we have two really great fireplaces and fun places to shop to get my mind off this dreary, cold weather.