Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to School!

Even though Conner didn't get to go to school on the "first" day, he wanted to be in the pictures too. Kenzi and Kaden had GREAT first days of school. They are both so excited about their teachers. It may be hard to pull them away any time soon if we sell our house, they seem ready to hunker down for another year of school here. Only time will tell but I am sure proud of them and their enthusiasm about school.
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Youth Conference at West Piney

Jeff and I were asked to be adult leaders at Youth Conference. I was sooo looking forward to getting to know some of the youth of our ward better. The beginning of the day started out kindof hectic but once we were on the road to West Piney I was so excited to start all of the activities. I guess I totally underestimated my limits with my new diagnosis. By the afternoon of the first day (dinner time) I was in quite a bit of pain and knew I wasn't doing well. The night was quite rough as the girls didn't go to sleep and I had a killer headache. By the end of breakfast the next morning, Jeff and I were packing up to come home. Bummer, I really hated having to leave but I knew if I didn't I would be in real trouble. The time we spent there was so fun and the food was amazing! The youth are great and have some outstanding leadership abilities. The church is in great hands with these kids!
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Mom's tub!

And if it is too late for the hot tub, or mom "really" wants us clean, there's always mom's big tub! The boys love getting in the tub together and having bubble fights and playing "guys". I will miss this tub when we move, but I miss "the girls" more!
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Jeff's 20th Class Reunion!

Please tell me it isn't true, are we really getting OLD? Wow, that means my 20th class reunion is next year! We actually had a lot of fun and I even know quite a few people from Jeff's class so it was great! I sure don't feel 20 years older and I hope I don't look it!
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Better than a pool!

Although we didn't use our hot tub much during the winter (too windy and too expensive to keep heated) we have loved it during the summer. It is just a little swimming pool for the kids. It is heated, clean and not too deep for Conner. They spend hours out there stopping long enough to eat and sleep. With the days of summer winding down, we will miss these fun lazy days!
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