Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween in Burley!

Oh so cute!

Kaden, the zombie freak!

So, Halloween in Burley goes something like this: We have some neighbors who totally deck out their house for Halloween, even make a Spook Alley out of it so, needless to say it is quite the draw for our small town. We have local police officers who block off the entrance into our neighborhood so all the kids can walk through without a lot of traffic. We have something like 700-800 trick or treaters every year! This year, I sat on the front porch for over 4 hours handing out candy! It's not even worth going inside and closing the door because the stream of ghosts and goblins is so steady. Yes, we knew what we were getting into, coming back to this neighborhood but we love it!
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A long drive for dinner!

So after much planning...that didn't come of much, we had an evening out with our husbands. We did make some cute invitations and delivered them at work but our other plans kindof didn't pan out. We still had a great night of laughs and conversations even if we had to drive all the way to Pocatello to do it. We always have such a great time together! Thanks girls, I needed that!

The Shirleys: Dave and Steph
Nice face Dave!

The Stokes: Steve and Sarah
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Halloween Fun!

Conner's first Halloween Parade at school! He loved the Mohawk, I'm not so sure!

Kenzie wanted to make a Halloween craft so she instigated this whole thing! She did an amazing job! She is so creative and such a great little mother to Conner, he is soooo lucky to have such a great big sister!

Kenzie's finished Haunted Patch!
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Painting and Carving!

So I just couldn't wait to get started on painting our new house! I really HATE painting but I love the feel of a freshly painted room. I must really be loosening up cuz this time I let the kids get involved! Conner got to paint under the desk all by himself! He was SO proud! After falling off a chair and seriously spraining my ankle, I welcomed Kenzie's help! She was a great help too!

We haven't actually "carved" pumpkins in years! I have not felt well enough to tackle the whole project but this year, WE CARVED!!!
Jeff carved out the tops, the kids dug out their own "guts" and we all got to work on the faces! It is so fun making these fall memories, even if the cleanup is a pain!

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