Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My easily entertained child!

I think since, and because of my illness, Conner has learned to really entertain himself. Of course he loves to have friends around but if not, he's okay with that too. He will draw for hours, on ANY piece of paper he finds especially his homework. What a doodler! Loves Legos! Loves video games! Loves playdough! Only problem, he doesn't love cleaning up! He just makes me smile!
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Are you kidding me?

This kid can fall asleep ANYWHERE, and has! You name it, while sitting reading, on the stairs, in the bathtub, while brushing his teeth and this one....within about 10 minutes after leaving our house....just on our way to dinner!
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Kaden's Special Day!

What a special day for our family and Kaden especially! He's been anxiously waiting for this day for a long time. On May 2, 12 days after his 12th birthday at approximately 12:00 pm, he received the priesthood! It was so neat to have his dad ordain him and have both of his grandpas there. Definitely a day we will all remember! Congrats Kaden!
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