Friday, July 4, 2008

It's Official!

Okay, it is really official now! We are selling our house in Idaho Falls and moving back to
Burley! We have come to a realization as a family that actualizing your dreams may not always be what you thought they would. We had finally moved "home" had our dream house and neighborhood and without Jeff with us we just weren't a family. This has been a difficult year for us and although we will miss many things about Idaho Falls, we are thrilled to be moving back to Burley. We realize now that Burley is our "home" and we are settled with that. Jeff has a fantastic job, we have amazing friends and the small town feel has really become my speed. I love all the spontaneous get togethers and just hanging out with friends. We aren't sure how long it will take to pull this all together but we finally have a plan and I am very excited about it! Hey all you extraordinary housewives...get ready, here we come!!
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Sarah Stokes

Wow so now it is the real thing huh? We will miss calling you to be our personal shopper for projects~ cool glad you came to your senses, anything we can do to get Julie here?


What?! That itchy, gotta get outta here feeling was supposed to pass!!! Winter isn't supposed to be like this all the time, remember? j/k I'm happy for you, hope it works out quickly and smoothly!


I am officially sad- this is so not fun for me but Iglad you will be able to have some peace of mind and your hubbie back. Call me if you ever need more help cleaning or anything!


Yaah! Welcome back! Hope you sell your house quick. We have been missing you as we sit at our little tiny pool daily.

Jensen Family

WOO HOO! I am really excited for you! Let me know if you are looking for a good builder *wink! They just won the "Peolple's Choice Award" in the Magic Valley Parade of Homes. Very exciting!


We were sad to see you sign go up...I understand. I can't imagine being a single-mom most of the week. Good luck!!